Extech EX411

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Intended Use    : Industrial
Form Factor    : Handheld
MSRP    : $74
Display Count    : 2,000

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Extech EX411

Display Count 2,000
Display Digits 3u00bd
Display Type LCD
Datasheet EX411 Datasheet
Lead Types Included Test Leads
Dimensions 187 x 81 x 50 mm
Weight 12 oz
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Operating Temperature Range 5u00b0C to 40u00b0C
Storage Temperature Range -20u00b0C to 60u00b0C
Operating Humidity Max 80% Up to 31u00b0C relative humidity
Operating Altitude 2000 m
Safety Category
Cat II - 1000V
Cat III - 600V
Agency Approvals UL
Measurement Method True RMS
Voltage AC/DC
Current AC/DC
Max Reading Rate 2 rdgs/s
Additional Features Backlit Display